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What is DataOps?

DataOps is the alignment of people, process, and technology to enable the rapid, automated, and secure management of data. Its goal is to improve individual and team outcomes by bringing together those that need data with those that provide it, eliminating data friction throughout the data lifecycle.

Who Needs DataOps?

Patrick Debois famously said about DevOps: “It’s not a technology problem. It’s a human problem.” Mastering DataOps requires overcoming the organizational and cultural barriers that separate people from their data. It starts with bringing everyone involved with data -- from the infrastructure team to the security and compliance team, to the analytics and machine learning team -- together into an iterative Agile flow.

This enables two key groups to connect as one team:

data operator

Data Operators

Responsible for infrastructure, security, and maintenance to support the data lifecycle. Examples include DBAs, security and compliance, and storage administrators.

data consumers

Data Consumers

Responsible for using data in the performance of their duties, including driving new projects and innovating at all levels. Examples include developers, QA, data scientists, analysts, and AI/ML tools.

Common Friction Areas of DataOps

DataOps mandates a comprehensive approach that eliminates key points of friction across key areas



Security, quality, and integrity of data, including auditing and access controls.



Scalability, availability, monitoring, and reliability of data systems.



Collection, copying, transferring, and distribution of data.



Designing, Planning, and Documenting the data throughout the entire data lifecycle.



Manipulation and modification of data, including de-identification and data migration.